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Growth of the Smaller Business and the need for affordable small business space

Small businesses are innovating and growing, a new survey by ICM Research has revealed - but they still need support to sustain a full recovery.

More than half of businesses have resisted the worst of the recession by innovating and creating new products and services, according to a new survey by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and ICM.

The FSB-ICM ‘Voice of Small Business’ Annual Survey 2009 reveals that 53 per cent of businesses introduced new or improved products and services last year, and 51 per cent intend to continue innovating next year, showing that small businesses are keen to grow and develop, despite the tough times.

More than 80 per cent of new jobs have been created by small businesses in the five years to 2007, said the FSB.

A spokes person for wantspacegotspace said: "This just goes to prove that affordable small business space is still in high demand. Businesses are innovating and growing and moving out of the garage".

John Wright, national chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, said: “With nearly half of all businesses expecting to expand their client base and one in five intending to employ more staff in the coming year, this is no time to pull the support for this vibrant sector, which is at the heart of economic growth.” A sentiment with which we at wantspacegotspace wholeheartedly agrees.

Property Agents and wantspacegotspace.co.uk

The wantspacegotspace sales team has been out on the road now for about three weeks making presentations to various potential "Got Spacers" and property agents in different parts of the country. In general, the business has been positively received in the market place. However, there are still a minority of agents who see the business as a potential competitor, even though this is, quite clearly, not the case. 

Whichever way you look at it, wantspacegotspace is definitely NOT looking to compete with property agents. In fact, the opposite is true and, from the outset, we have adopted a somewhat different approach compared to other websites advertising commercial property for sale or to let. 

Yes, we do provide “Got Spacers” with the option of having a board to be erected their property. However, the boards are primarily intended to increase awareness of the fact that there is some space available within a particular building, as well as raising the profile of the wantspacegotspace website. We have no desire to usurp the agent’s role and it is, of course, entirely up to the individual “Got Spacer” to decide whether or not they wish to use the board in the first place, be it in isolation or alongside an existing agent's board.

Yes, we do allow “Got Spacers” to display their own or, indeed, a third party’s contact details on the website. That is because wantspacegotspace is NOT a referrals agency. There is absolutely nothing to prevent the “Got Spacer” from entering their agent’s details on the relevant pro-forma, nor is there any reason why an agent cannot complete the pro-forma on behalf of their client.

Yes, the wantspacegotspace.co.uk system does enable a “Got Spacers” to produce printable details containing full particulars of the space that they are advertising on wantspacegotspace. However, there is, again, absolutely no reason why these printable details cannot be dual-branded featuring both the wantspacegotspace and agent’s logos and there are many examples of this on the wantspacegotspace website.

Yes, we do take payment upfront for providing “Got Spacers” with the facility to advertise on wantspacegotspace. That is because wantspacegotspace is a web-based advertising medium, NOT a property agent or a referrals agency/ website.

Why does it cost to advertise on wantspacegotspace? Well, there are essentially three types of property-oriented websites, namely:

Another unique feature of wantspacegotspace is the provision of web links which enables a "Got Spacer" and/or their agents to incorporate a direct link back to their own website. We are able to provide this facility because, unlike other property listing sites, we are not reliant on introduction/referral fees and, therefore, do not have to hide the identity of the "Got Spacer".

ALL of our income is generated from the registration fees paid by “Got Spacers”. We do NOT charge fees for introductions and/or referrals.

Clearly, if, having read this article, you still have concerns or need clarification regarding any of the above points, then please feel free to contact action@wantspacegotspace.co.uk or call 08443 577 577 and we will do our utmost to assist.

(Posted 16 July 2009)

How to get rid of surplus or vacant industrial and warehouse space.

How do you get rid of surplus or vacant industrial space cheaply and efficiently?

Manufacturing and distribution businesses are often at something of a loss when it comes to disposing of surplus business space. Some of the problems they face include:

Well, look no further!wantspacegotspaceis here to help.

You see, the property market is basically split into two categories, namely, those who have got space and those that want space. The trick is putting the two together!

People looking for space usually live within 5 miles of the space they are looking for. The problem facing those with surplus space is letting the people that want space know that they have got space available. This is the whole reason for creating wantspacegotspace.

Advertising, be it in the local and/or property press, costs money (quite a lot of money in fact) and, if the person searching for space happens not to see your advert, then it is a waste of money. In comparison, wantspacegotspaceallows you to place an advertisment on our website for 12 months - so where else can your property get that much exposure for as little as £10.00 per week?!

There is no doubt about the fact that wantspacegotspace is about putting people who have "got space" in direct contact with those who "want space", thereby giving them a greater degree of control when it comes to finalising the deal. However, this does not stop "Got Spacers "from using agents as evidenced by the website.

How does someone with surplus space start using wantspacegotspace? Well, clearly, you first have to create an account. You are then presented with a simple dashboard of options  which enables you to add a building, add a contact, etc. After selecting the type of building, you fill in a very simple form , upload a photograph or two and, once you've paid the appropriate registration fee, the details will be uploaded onto wantspacegotspace It couldn't be easier!

(Posted 09 July 2009)

Have you ever been to Hitchin in Hertfordshire?

Rich in history and architecture, Hitchin has something for everyone. Hitchin has an excellent range of shops, many of which have been in the town for a long time. The town is famous for its traditional open market which is the largest in the Home Counties. The market has been in the town for over 500 years. Hitchin has managed to maintain its market town traditions and feel and still integrate some larger chain stores.

The earliest part of Hitchin's history begin with King Offa of Mercia, who founded a religious house in AD792 on land occupied by the Hicce tribe. This was the beginning of Hitchin's Parish Church, second only in size to St. Albans Abbey in the County.

In the Domesday Book of 1086, Hitchin is recorded as a Royal Manor and by medieval times it was a thriving town on the banks of the River Hiz. Today, it still gives an air of peace and prosperity.

Hitchin is located in the County of Hertfordshire and has an excellent range of shops, industrial and warehouse space, a quality retail park and leisure facilities to suit all tastes. The town of Hitchin has the post code SG4 and SG5.

Hitchin is easily accessible by road or rail and makes a good base for tourists travelling to London and the Home Counties. Being north of London, Hitchin is also well placed for touring the Midlands and East Anglia. Hitchin is 5 minutes drive from Junction 8 of the A1(M), with Junction 10 of the M1 being 10 miles away. The town is easily accesed via an extensive road network including the A505, A600 and A602. The town has ample parking facilities.  By rail, Hitchin is 35 minutes from London Kings Cross, 40 minutes from Cambridge and 50 minutes from Peterborough.

How to get rid of vacant or surplus shops and retail space.

How do you get rid of surplus or vacant shops and retail space cheaply and efficiently?

In the current economic climate, many retail businesses find themselves with surplus shops/retail space but are unsure of how to get rid of it. Some of the problems they face include:

  • How to generate interest from potential occupiers
  • Prohibitive marketing costs, e.g. sign boards, press advertising, brochures, mail shots
  • Understanding the legal complexities involved

There is a new website called wantspacegotspace that has been set up to make it easier for occupiers with surplus space to generate an income and reduce their overheads.

You could say that the property market is basically split into two categories, namely, those who have got space and those that want space. The trick is putting the two together!

Those who want space usually live within 5 miles of the space that they end up occupying. So, how can those who've got space let the people who want the space know that they've got space available?

This is the whole reason for creating wantspacegotspace.

wantspacegotspace puts people who have got space in direct contact with those who want space, thereby giving them a greater degree of control when it comes to finalising the deal.

How does someone who has got space start using wantspacegotspace? Well, clearly you have to register an account, you are then given a simple dashboard of options which enables you to add a building, add a contact, etc. After selecting the type of building, you fill in a very simple form , upload a photograph or two and, once you paid the appropraite registration fee, the details will be uploaded onto wantspacegotspace.

It couldn't be easier!

You can even trial the system for 7 days free of charge. If you then want to stay on, all you have to do is pay the registration fee and your properties will go live on wantspacegotspace.

Try it, you've got nothing to lose!

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The advantages and disadvantages of working from home.

The advantages of running a small business from home

The disadvantages of running a small business from home

Although there are advantages to running a small business from home, the disadvantages also need to be taken into account.  Consider these carefully to ensure that working from home really is a viable option for you.

 What will prevent you running your business from home

Sometimes, it’s just not practical or feasible to run your business from your home. Examples of when you will be unable or unwise to run your business from home include:

If running your business from home is not viable, then another option is to share space. 

wantspacegotspace has lots of small offices and workshops, small shops and business space to suit all needs and budgets.

So, what are you waiting for? You've come this far so you might as well get looking and turn your dream into a reality! Find your space here at wantspacegotspace.

The cost of occupying of Business Space - reduce your exposure.

Business premises represent the second largest cost centre for small firms after staff costs, yet many are missing out on potential savings through inefficient use of office space, says the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

It is to address this very issue that wantspacegotspace has been created. There are blogs on the Internet that discuss the various ways in which a Got Spacer can deal with this issue, the simplest and most straightforward of which is to dispose of your surplus or vacant business space via wantspacegotspace.

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