Finding Facilities for Internet and IT Companies

Finding the Right Office Facilities for an Internet-Based Company

While finding the right facility is essential for any kind of company, this is particularly important for internet and IT-related companies. This is because these companies have particular needs, specifically regarding security and internet accessibility. Not all office space locations and landlords will necessarily be able to accommodate companies with these requirements.

Bandwidth Speed

Depending on the size of the organisation and the services it provides, the company will need to ensure that any prospective space has a certain speed and strength of the internet, or at least the potential to have it installed. This is important because not all service providers offer the same services in different areas. If the company has a specific location and service provider in mind, it can check with them what services and speeds are available at that location. If the chosen service provider is not currently installed at the location, this may incur additional costs for the company, and a cost arrangement must be discussed with the landlord.

Fibre Optic

It goes without saying that fibre optic internet, the newest and fastest form, is likely to be the most suitable, as well as cost-effective internet option for a corporate entity specialising in internet services. The nature of fibre optic internet is that the download speed is exceptionally fast, usually between 100mbs (megabytes per second) and 200mbs, with unlimited data usage.

Internet companies which are hosting websites that are very active or are live-streaming content, such as live dealer, need continuous connectivity and will significantly benefit from this kind of internet connection.

Office Space and Size

A company specialising in IT and internet services must bear in mind, that in addition to the space required to operate normal day to day functions and house staff, that significant space must be allocated to store the server and back-up. A server needs to be located in an individual room, and it must be able to be air-conditioned. This is to ensure that the server operates optimally, and should be non-negotiable when discussing a prospective lease for an internet company.


Security is vital for an internet and IT company. This is because of the nature of the information which they will likely be holding, but also because of the rise in technology crime and hacking, that has become rampant. As mentioned above, we discussed the importance of a separate server room, but that server room needs to have adequate security and limited access. This must undoubtedly be considered when looking at the possibility of office space. For example, a server room should not be in the general or open space of a building, particularly if other offices share the building.

Access control to the building and server room should be sophisticated, and not a simple lock and key mechanism.


A prospective landlord should be able to provide an internet or IT company with continuous power. A power cut could be severely detrimental to continued operations of such a company, and a battery source or generator is accordingly essential.