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Talk to thousands with wantspacegotspace.co.uk

Talk to thousands with wantspacegotspace.co.uk

Let us help you find your occupier with Premium Plus!

£540 - £895.00 + VAT (please contact a member of our team for a quote)

What is Premium Plus?

Premium Plus is a graphic embedded email, known as a Property Mailer, that has a direct link to your clients Premium listing on the www.wantspacegotspace.co.uk  website.

This Property Mailer is then circulated directly to potential occupiers.

 As part of the Premium Plus offer we run the Property Mailer campaign twice in a 6 month period.

And we can invoice your client direct.

There are NO art work costs, or postage costs.

This system can provide access to our database of over 400,000 business contacts across the UK.

As always with www.wantspacegotspace.co.uk  ALL the enquiries come back directly to YOU.


Included within the Premium Plus package – 

A premium listing worth £200 + VAT for 6 months.

SEO search engine optimisation worked on each individual property.

We set your Premium listing page for you

2 property mailshots in a 6 month period with no other mailshot in the same region within 5 days.

All the enquiries come back directly back to you and all the other agents included on the instruction.

Priority in the search results.

You are able to “log-in” and monitor the views on the property in real time, and produce reports to present to clients at marketing meetings.

Your Property will be featured in our News Letter, linking back to the Premium page so the reader of the News Letter can see all the property information in full.


For more information or to place an order come and speak to:

Lara  07882 988647  Stuart 07724 240990 

Mike 07976 691030   Jane 0121 705 6209

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