What To Look Out For in a Potential Sports Bar Space

Choosing the right space for your sports bar business can be challenging. You might have all the details figured out in your mind, but finding the right space to accommodate all your plans might prove elusive.

While getting a space that ticks all the boxes in your list of an ideal space might never be possible, there are certain things you must never comprise on. Before signing that lease agreement, below are a few elements the potential space must meet for your business to thrive.

The right amount of space

If the space you are considering is not big enough to accommodate a big crowd on a crucial premier league match weekend, then that’s not the ideal space for your bar. There is a reason why it’s called a sports bar, fans will want to enjoy their own space while watching their favourite teams play. You also want a space that can accommodate sizeable screens where football lovers can watch live matches on UnibetTV football streams while catching up with friends.

Great Location

You must always get the location right. If the space is hard to find and inaccessible, you will be doing your business a disservice. You will want a location where people can easily pop in if they want to on a weekday on their way home from work.


Not having sufficient parking space for your clients is a recipe for failure. When setting up this kind of business, always ensure the space offers ample parking space. You don’t want potential clients choosing your competitors over you because of a lack of parking space.

Apart from the three factors explained above, getting a space that accommodates your budget is of course the other crucial factor you must consider. Remember this is a new business, it might take a while before things pick up and you don’t want to start stressing over rent.